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A Card Game With Aliens

A Card Game With Aliens

Everyday Is A Day Closer To An Alien Invasion
Everyday Is A Day Closer To An Alien Invasion
Everyday Is A Day Closer To An Alien Invasion
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Hold onto your space helmets, folks! Big news!

A newly discovered exo-planet sent shock waves across the globe today as the first-ever message from its inhabitants, the Sorras, reached Earth.


In an ominous and undoubtedly mocking tone, their message, 'The Sorras are approaching. Your planet we are poaching.' immediately caused people to wonder if the rhyme was intentional, or just a lucky coincidence. Seconds later it plunged the world into chaos.


When will they arrive? What do they want? Will they ever leave? No one knows. One thing's for certain though, they're not just coming for a cup of space tea.


Will you be ready to face Humankind's biggest challenge?

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Aliens Arrive. Chaos Ensues.

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Earth is about to be overrun! Dust off that tin foil hat and prepare for the fight of your life!

This wildly chaotic and competitive card game is played through two phases. The Preparation phase, followed by the Invasion phase.

If at any point during the Invasion Phase you run out of Character cards, you're eliminated from the game. It's last player standing wins!

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Preparation Phase

For the first time in history, an Alien race is on its way to Earth. With their true intentions unknown, everyone is doing all they can to prepare for the worst. You should too!

During your turn, play a card onto the discard pile and follow its instructions. Then, end your turn by drawing a card from the Supply deck.

Located within the Supply deck are UFO cards. Choose the cards you play wisely, UFO cards are worth avoiding!

UFO Card

UFO sightings have skyrocketed and although we know that the Aliens are on their way, it has proven extremely difficult to predict exactly when they'll arrive. With each passing day, Earth's first Alien Invasion looms closer.

The first UFO card drawn represents the Alien's arrival to Earth. This transitions the game from the Preparation Phase to the Invasion Phase.

If you are the unlucky one, you must reveal the UFO card to the other players and take the first 3 turns of the Invasion phase.

Invasion Phase

The day has arrived. A full-scale Alien Invasion has descended upon Earth. Humanity is scrambling to come to grips with its new place in the Universe. Earth no longer belongs to us, it's their planet now.

During your turn, you will reveal an Invasion deck card. If that card is an Alien, you're under attack and must play a Character from your hand. Colour match the Alien and you get to use the Characters ability. Otherwise, you get nothing.


You are eliminated from the game once you have no Character cards left in your hand.

The last player standing wins.


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Alien Frenzy is being developed by two brothers with a passion for games. Together, we established Comet Squid, a publishing company dedicated to bringing it to life.

We are passionate about creating fun, captivating games and truly believe in the power of games to bring people together.

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Keep playing games and having fun.

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